Year 7 Intake

Application Procedure

Applications for admission in Year 7 must be made direct to the Local Authority by the closing date published in the Secondary Education in Essex booklet. For further details to Essex County Council school admissions visit the Link


Applications for September 2024 must be made between 13th September 2023 and 31st October 2023.

It is the responsibility of parents to make an application for their child’s secondary school place.  It is not necessary to wait to receive an application form or a letter before you apply.


Year 12
Academic Entry Criteria

The minimum qualification for entry into the Sixth Form is a points score of 38 from the student’s best 8 GCSEs. If an applicant has a points score of 38 or above they will be eligible for consideration for a sixth form place. Individual subjects have specific entry requirements of at least a grade 6.

All students in the current Year 11 at Hylands School who meet the academic entry criteria will continue into the Sixth Form, if they wish.



A minimum of 30 places will be filled by eligible external applicants to the Sixth Form provided sufficient applications are received.

External applicants should complete the on-line application form on here .

Students are entitled to apply in their own right. All application forms must be completed and returned by 1st March.


In-Year Admissions

Applications for year groups other than the normal point of entry should be made directly to the school. There are two separate form to ensure we obtain the correct information from the beginning. 

Please ensure you are completing alongside the application form, the Page 3 form, linked both at the bottom of this page and in the Virtual Mid Term Admission forms. Page 3 must be completed by the previous UK-based school your child has attended and returned to us alongside the Application.

Please click here to access the Educated within the UK application form.

Please click here to access the Educated Abroad application form.

Completed forms will go directly to our Admissions Officer, Mrs Johnson. Application outcomes will be confirmed in writing no later than 15 school days from receipt of application.

If the number of applications for the school, for any year group, is more than the number of places available, the oversubscription criteria (as per our Admissions Policy) will be applied.  The same oversubscription criteria will apply if the school is in a position to offer a place from the Waiting List.

For admissions and entry to year 12, applicants should complete application form here.  Students are entitled to apply in their own right.


Appeals Procedure

In the event that your application is unsuccessful and you would like to pursue an appeal, please click here to access an Appeal form, once completed submit all forms to



If you would like to arrange a tour of the school or have any queries regarding the admissions process please contact the School Office.

Telephone: 01245 266766


Please see below for our Admission Policies

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