Performing Arts Scholarship

I am delighted to be announcing that Hylands School is launching its first Performing Arts Scholarship Programme for our 2018 year 7 cohort.

In view of the school’s tradition of excellence in the Performing Arts, the governors will admit up to 15 students under our new scholarship programme. Any student who shows potential within the arts may apply for a place, whether they are a dancer, musician or have a dramatic or artistic aptitude.

With the performing Arts Scholarship students will be entitled to:

  • Free instrumental or vocal tuition for the duration of the student’s scholarship (20mins per week)

  • Financial support in hiring a musical instrument of their choice

  • A wide and varied extra-curricular enrichment timetable

  • Performance opportunities throughout the year

  • £100 towards artistic materials

  • Access to our brand new dance studio

  • Protected curriculum time for the arts subjects at KS3

  • Extensive artistic options available at both GCSE and A Level, including dance and both music and music technology

  • An increase in number of teachers within the arts

If you are interested, please fill out the attached application form.

Performing Arts Scholarship Further Information
Performing Arts Scholarship Poster
Performing Arts Scholarship
Scholarship Application Form