At Hylands we focus on ‘PREP’ rather than the traditional ‘homework’. So what is PREP? PREP is what we do with important information we have learnt during the school day and how we prepare for the next day of learning. 


Evidence suggests that we only retain 50% of the information we learnt yesterday and after a week, we only retain 10%. The only way we can move the information we have learnt into long-term memory is through re-visiting the information 4 or 5 times over a number of weeks.


Plan your time,
Re-read, Redraft, Recite, Re-test, Research, Rehearse & Record
Essential Facts, Figures & Formula, Essay Model Answers
Practice Questions
Answers & Mark Scheme
Review & Reflect on your progress
Enjoy your future success

will either be uploaded to your child’s google classroom or given to them in lesson. We encourage students to PREP each evening.



Device Loan Agreement Form for Students

Here at Hylands school we use Google Classroom to aid and support our student learning experience.


This google account will give the student access to:

  • School email
  • Google Drive
  • Google Classroom

How to submit assignments in Google Classroom