90 of our Year 7 students spent a lesson writing and decorating a letter to an elderly resident at a local care home in Chelmsford Cherrywood Grange, We wanted to channel the caring spirit of our wonderful students into an initiative to benefit the local community at the same time as applying their communication and literacy skills to a purposeful task. We know our students loved connecting with the older generation at this traditional time of year for spreading kindness and we hoped it would bring some joy to the residents. Who knows, we may even create some pen pals in the process!
Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions the trip for the students to deliver the letters was cancelled but Mrs. Treadway delivered them on their behalf. We are very proud of our students for the work that their put into the letters and the lovely kind, caring words they wrote. #spreadingchristmasjoy #christmasspirit #inspire #challenge #achieve #communityspirit Cherry Wood Grange Care Home #caringforothers #tkatfamily