Omar in year 10 has been competing in the local Table Tennis league and has done exceptionally well! We are very proud of Omar and his sporting achievements.

“I was playing for our team from Chelmsford Table Tennis club, we were runners up in the Chelmsford table tennis junior cup. We were in division One playing against older and more experienced players who were 17 to 19yrs old.  We eventually lost the final but I learned quite a bit from that. 
The individual tournament is the one I am most proud of. This was my first ever tournament or league. Winning all of my games and only losing one gave me a very important lesson. It was that it is only possible to win if you truly believe you can win if you play your best. Our team also had one of the best results in the junior league ever by getting 35 points in total at the end. It was also great because I discovered I could be a great mentor or coach when I was helping my brother through his games.”