On the 8th June, 36 of our students, accompanied by Ms Smith, Ms Warren and Mr Claflin, travelled to London’s West End to see the fantastic ‘We Will Rock You’ Musical! A worldwide, smash hit, jukebox musical based on the songs of the legendary British rock band – Queen.

Set in a ‘dystopian’ futuristic world named the ‘iPlanet’ due to the human race being addicted to their mobile devices. A world ruled by an evil ‘Killer Queen’ who has banned music, freedom of speech and fashion. A world where everyone dresses and acts the same except a rebel group of ‘Bohemians’ seeking to restore a world that they have never known but have only heard and could only dream of. This world that once existed where rock music is prevalent and worshipped by the whole human race due to the legends of the rock music industry, such as Freddie Mercury himself!

Our students were mesmerised at the impressively built and age defying Coliseum theatre. The singing and live music was breath taking, feeling at times like we were watching the actual band of Queen. The students really enjoyed themselves.

As Performing Arts specialists, we understand how important it is for our students to watch live theatre. It immerses them, inspires them to be creative, and enhances literary knowledge, tolerance and empathy as well as, of course, being incredibly fun and enjoyable.

For some of our students, it was their first theatre trip and we imagine after that performance it won’t be their last. Expect more West End theatre trips in the future.

Mr Claflin, Mrs Smith, Miss Warren