The London Stansted Airport Writing Competition

For London Stansted Airport, children in the ages of 9-12 drew pictures, wrote stories and poems to try to get published in a book called The Little Book of Travel Tales. Children from many schools entered the competition such as;  Chelmsford County High School for Girls, St Andrews C of E, North Weald, St Cross Catholic Primary School, Hoddesdon, and The Hertfordshire and Essex High School and Science College. Due to the talent of our young writers, Hylands School had four winners who were treated to a VIP experience at the airport, as well as having £50 donated to the library. Nivarikaa, who is one of the winners, is here to tell us about what they all did at the London Stansted Airport. – Miss Evans

‘In the airport we all got on a coach. We first parked my car in this place called the Aerozone which is next to the airport and I met my friends who are also the winners; Mia, Chloe and Tegan. There was a table full of snacks and drinks. There was experiments that we got to play with to discover more about the planes. There was also a table full of costumes that we could dress up as pilots, air hostess, fire fighters and security guards. And we had a sitting area with lots of bean bags and cushions. After some time, we got to wear yellow high-visibility vest and we took a couple of pictures. We went on a hill where we got to see the aeroplanes take off and land and we got to wave goodbye to the pilots and passengers.


Tegan, Mia and Chloe sat and enjoyed talking to each other. We all went to the airport and we got a couple of books to take many picture. Then, we all got to take a hand full of books and hand them out to many children and adults while the photographer took photos of us giving out the books. We then all finished giving out the books. Then, we went back to the aerozone. We took a couple of pictures and we had a really good time!’