Year 10 Prepare For Bronze Mock Exams

Year 10 are raring to go for the start of their Bronze mock exams next week! Ms Field ran their assembly on Wednesday looking at methods of revision and handy techniques and has asked all students to look out for a fantastic booklet that will be shared on Google Classroom and used during Tutor time to support them through this mock season and beyond. Subject Teachers have also uploaded lessons and resources to guide their revision too. It has been lovely seeing our diligent students being proactive and revising in the shade at lunchtime this week – well done!

Mrs Field has also reminded Year 10 about Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve and the natural process of the brain to prioritise what it deems to be crucial and forget what it sees as unimportant. She reiterated the need for students to be thinking hard in lessons about their learning to remind the brain to prioritise the right things and support their long term memory. Ms Field re-shared this diagram based on Daniel Willingham’s model for memory which we refer to frequently. Please ask your child about this and click on the link if you would like to find out more.


Department in Focus – Drama

This fortnight the Drama department has been working with Year 9 on the wide range of career opportunities the subject can offer them, beyond becoming an actor, from set design to costume creation. As part of this, they have created their own version of the ‘monster’ from Frankenstein taking on roles as creative directors, costume designers and hair and make-up artists. It has been wonderful to see students building on their understanding from English and exploring different avenues for their future.

Year 8 have also been thoroughly engaged in their unit looking at Blood Brother and the different techniques and exaggeration required of actors to portray children. Great work Year 8!

Ms Cardy, Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning