Teaching and Learning Update

Revision Workshop

Year 10 worked well during their revision workshop on Wednesday, thinking hard about topics identified as areas to improve upon following their recent Bronze mocks. Working with their peers, they rehearsed the Study Capture technique, recapping on the 5 lessons from the previous day in just 5 minutes. This is a fantastic strategy that interrupts the natural tendency of the brain to forget what it doesn’t prioritise.

The Folding Frenzy technique of reducing information and transforming the format was trialled with core information on atoms and cells and then Memory Palace and Quiz Cards were used to revise History, Geography and Spanish.

Getting Practical

It has been a joy to see the practical lessons taking place across the school this week! Students thoroughly engaged in an evaporation experiment in Science, rehearsing choreography for High School Musical in Dance and learning about the Five Pillars of Islam in RS with the opportunity to see traditional dress. Learning brought to life with all the energy to match!


During our INSET last week, Tom Ellis-Peckham from MEITT joined the Teaching and Learning Team to introduce Coaching as a central part of our Professional Development offer for next year. Teachers will be working in triads to plan, observe and feedback to one another with a view to improving teaching across the school through increased collaboration and sharing of good practice. More on this in September!                

Ms Cardy, Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning