Teaching and Learning Update

Breakfast Briefings
This term we have re-launched our Teaching and Learning Breakfast Briefings; a chance for teachers to come together over tea and toast and explore an aspect of teaching practice. Last week we looked at developing students’ thinking by asking probing questions (How did you get to that answer? Why do you think that?) BEFORE revealing whether or not they are right, as the research suggests people switch off once they know they are correct, therefore not benefitting from the more challenging questions that follow. It’s been great seeing this in the classroom this week too, with teachers practicing their poker faces and students thinking that bit harder!

Year 11 Targeted Sessions
Year 11 blew us away with their positivity and energy on Wednesday and were wonderfully competitive during the revision session at the start of the day. After some exam question analysis, students then created decks of quiz cards to be used in the Snakes and Ladders games. You really are never too old for a board game!

Department in Focus – Science
Practicals bring Science alive for students. It is always wonderful to see classes buzzing with excitement and anticipation over the results and keen to talk to us about what the experiment entails when we pop in. We have been extremely impressed with the depth of responses, particularly from Years 9 and 12, when they have been questioned during their practicals and their evident passion for learning across the Sciences. 

Ms Cardy – Assistant Headteacher