As a school, Hylands is joining with the wider community of Chelmsford to collect food and toiletries for Chelmsford FoodBank. This week, Form Tutors will be talking to their classes about the history of the harvest festival and our commitment to being responsible members of society by supporting those most in need. The effects of Covid-19 have been particularly hard for some people and we are asking anyone that is able to spare items from the following lists to bring them in by October 12th so that we can make our school donation.

Thank you for supporting us.

Cereal/PorridgeShampoo & conditioner Toiletries
Soup in packets and tinsShower gel
Rice/Noodles/QuinoaBubble bath for babies/children
Pot noodles/Super noodlesHousehold cleaning products
Tinned tomatoes/ChickpeasToilet rolls
Pasta sauce/pestoKitchen roll
Curry sauceCotton wool
Lentils, beans and pulsesFace wash
Tinned meatSoap
Tinned vegetablesSanitary towels and tampons
Tea/coffee/SugarBaby milk
Tinned fruitWipes
Biscuits/Snack bars 
UHT milk 
Bottles of squash 
Rice pudding/custard 
Peanut butter