Even though we are unable to go ‘out’ out at the moment, some of yr7 have been able to enjoy the outdoors as part of a new Forest School club within the school grounds. Although we have only met twice so far, we have already made an impact on improving and respecting our site by picking up the litter. We have spent time on mindfulness activities such as cloud watching and silently watching a bird of prey hovering over the school field in search of it’s tea! We have explored and tried to identify the myriad of plant species within the site while discussing what we would like to do in our time outside. Some have begun to create a ‘den’ together showing excellent teamwork.

The students have learnt about how to make fire in a safe, responsible way, practised the art and topped it off with roasted marshmallows and s’mores.

We would really like to start a garden growing some vegetables, as well as trying other activities such as shelter building and wood crafts. If any parents or carers have any items they no longer require, such as tarpaulins, ropes, gardening equipment, hand tools or any other items that may be useful to the Forest School club that could be donated, please email eleanore.govus@hylands-tkat.org to arrange to drop off.