We are pleased to announce the launch of a mobile app that will provide relevant wellbeing advice and support to students in year 7 & 8. This service is provided by EduKit, a social enterprise that helps schools to improve outcomes for students.
The app is a place the pupils can turn to for guidance on many issues they may face; here are some example topics that the resources in the app will help with:
self-esteem, self-image, resilience, internet safety and mental health.

It also contains surveys that can be taken by students to enable the school to understand and support their wellbeing.This app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play store or wherever you get your apps from. It is free to download.

This is a fantastic resource to support our students.
Please encourage your child to download the app and engage with the useful materials available within it.
Once downloaded they will need to click the ‘I’m new here, sign up’ button.
Then input their school email address and click on the link that will be sent to their email.
Then they will be prompted to set a password.This is a wonderful way to help our pupils wellbeing!

Mrs. M Field and Mr. M Gobin