My Exchange at Hylands School

“At my first day on the Hylands School I was pretty exited to get to my new class and how the day was going to be. In the class I got my timetable from my seat neighbour and I was really happy about my courses.

The teachers were really supportive and when I struggled by something they calmed me so that I don’t need to worry and they helped me. Most of the students were just looking who I am and some of them actually walked to me and asked me questions about everything. Immediately I met new students and I was feeling accepted in group.

When I first started the school, I haven’t been fluent like I wished to be in English, but after time it became more proper English. The only problem that I had was English literature, because it was really hard and I am bad in literature.

I think it is a great school and everything is very well organized. Only the biggest different where the two timetables with week a and week b. Also, quite confusing was the lining up before you go to your class room at the begin due to Covid 19 behaviour rules. As my GCSE subjects I had art, French and history and I think my seat neighbour did a really good choice for me.

Time to time some subjects were really hard like English and biology and some subjects were high level and I was surprised that I was managing to catch up, but some subjects were hard and I liked them anyways like chemistry or history.

At the last day before the Christmas holidays it was nice that we were doing something with our class at the end of the day. After this the lockdown for 3 months started. It was really hard, because after time your concentration floated away and it was hard to listen the whole time during the online sessions.

I really enjoyed the 6 months and it was great that I was able to stay longer than planned. My English improved a lot and I would recommend it for everyone to do an exchange at the Hylands School and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for that outstanding experience. A special thanks to Mr Baston for the organisation and Mr Bonner for his supportive way.”

We wish Emily all the best on her return to Germany and every success in the future. #inspire #challenge #achieve