For the second consecutive year, Hylands will be celebrating LGBT+ history month. This is an entire month of learning about the contribution of the LGBT+ community to society and celebrating their achievements.

The face of this year’s LGBT+ history month is Maye Angelou who is well known for her writing, poetry and activism. Her poem ‘Still I Rise’ encompasses this year’s theme of ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’; a theme that connects beautifully with ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ which ran from the 1st – 5th February. This week the poem has been shared with students and they have been asked to think about its significance. It references the idea of ongoing challenges and how collectively we can rise up from the darkest of places, look back and stand with pride in our own achievements.

This month students will take part in an assembly about LGBT+ history and looking at some key figures such as Maya Angelou and Mark Ashton. The assembly will also focus on important LGBT+ role models and the importance of inclusion for all in our community. We will also be asking students to engage in discussions about this during tutor times and reflect on the importance of self-expression and individuality.