This year our year 7 Book Club took part in the Juniper Book Awards. The students worked very hard to produce a puppet show of a key scene from one of the selected books, ‘The Soup Movement.’ They did incredibly well and received ‘Highly Commended’ for the ‘Most Creative Award.’ Well done to everyone who was involved!

Miss Saunders

Comments from Year 7 students:

I played Captain for the Juniper Book Awards. My favourite part was when I said “Maureen!” I enjoyed it very much.

For the book awards we all acted out a section of a book called ‘The Soup Movement ‘ we each played a certain character from that specific scene, and one of us controlled the puppets which were used for the scene. We first recorded the puppets, and then the audio.

For the Juniper Book Awards, we created a puppet show starring the main characters from the book ‘The Soup Movement’. We filmed the video inside our school’s library. It was really fun doing a puppet show.