Hylands School Senior Sixth

Seen above our Head students (Helena and Stephanie) talking in a year group assembly.

As we approach the end of this very busy first half term we wanted to introduce to you this year’s Senior Sixth and their roles.

We are Stephanie and Helena and we’re the Head Students at Hylands. Our focus is to be the strongest bridge of communication and trust between students and staff. Part of our role is to oversee the sixth form and make sure it runs smoothly. Already this term we have spoken to many prospective parents at the school’s open evening and also during year 6 parent tours and have also spoken to the younger students in year group assemblies and have helped our new year 12 students settle into sixth form life as smoothly as possible.

We are accompanied by a larger group known as the ‘senior sixth; these students have various responsibilities.

Taking responsibility for Peer Mentoring is Jake and Charlotte. The Peer Mentoring Scheme has been reintroduced following COVID to regain the sense of community within the school and so students have figures in the sixth form that they can talk to, both academically or personally. We’ve collected a group of sixth-form volunteers that are all interested in helping Hylands and its students and giving something back to the school.

This year, coordinating the school’s charity events, we have Olivia and Ben. This is an important part of maintaining the community aspect of Hylands. It allows students from different years to socialise with each other and create a positive environment by allowing them to take part in activities to help contribute to a good cause.

To help support sixth form students in their academic studies. Sam has taken on the role of Sixth Form Academic Mentoring. Sam will lead a team of academically secure students and his role focuses on connecting this team to sixth form students who may require support and provide a one-to-one mentoring programme.

We are all incredibly excited to take on these important roles and see the school and sixth form continue to thrive. We will do our best to keep you informed of any news throughout this academic year.

Stephanie Samain and Helena Rouse ( Head Students 2021/22)

The Whole Senior Sixth seen below, from left to right;

Ben Baxter, Charlotte Horne, Olivia Oakhill, Helena Rouse, Stephanie Samain, Samuel Montaque, Jake Olliver