Students have been fully engaged in Forest school this term, braving the cold and sometimes wet conditions. Students have been upskilled in tool use, fire lighting and the use of ropes to make swings and zip lines. We have dug holes looking for treasures and released some tensions playing games on the field. We have cooked various snacks over the fire including pancakes and chocolate cake cooked in an orange!

We want to do more – Forest School needs resources, and maybe you could help?

We are in need of ‘loose parts’ – Things that the students can use to bring their ideas to life and create projects. We are looking for things like bicycle wheels or old pram wheels. Things that stack like crates, bricks, buckets. Ropes and cordage that are in good condition. Small tarpaulins.

Hand tools such as saws/hammers/hand drills/screwdrivers etc. Pieces of wood (planks, decking, batons etc.) Nails, screws and other fixings

We would like to create a mud kitchen. An old sideboard or cupboard could be upcycled for this.  Are you redoing your kitchen? Can we have your old kitchen sink?

We would like some old saucepans of various sizes and any kitchen utensils.

Natural resources like logs, pinecones, flower bulbs.

Buttons/wool/string/beads/cotton fabrics.

Spare wellies sized between 3 and 10.

A large tent such as a bell tent.

The list could be endless. We appreciate anything that is still in good, usable condition. Please consider donating to the school before throwing your ‘junk’ away.

One person’s junk is our Forest School treasure!