‘Cool to be Kind’ is a charity that are doing fantastic things to help the rough sleepers of Chelmsford and the South East. They are a non-profit organisation ran solely by volunteers.

We believe that the people who will benefit most from the work this charity does are as much a member of our community as you and I and as such, Hylands students will be taking part in their Rucksack Project to help make a difference to those who need it the most in the city we call home.

The Rucksack Project consists of creating a rucksack full of items that will make a rough sleeper in Chelmsford a little more comfortable and safer over the winter months. As a school, we are not asking for every student to create a rucksack, as during this current time that would be extremely insensitive. We are asking that where possible, every student contributes. There is a large list of items that can be accepted and most of these items can be second hand, and you may already have them in your home which you no longer need.

This project will be run primarily by Year 10, but is open to the entire school to contribute. More information will follow over the coming weeks prior to breaking up for Christmas. Please have a look around your homes and see if you have any unnecessary items that would be of value to the homeless people of Chelmsford.

More information about this fantastic charity can be found at https://www.c2bk.co.uk/

If you would like any further information on how Hylands will be contributing, please contact Mr Bayston HOY 9 & 10.

Our students would like to thank you in advance for your support in making their city a better place.