Black History Month continues…

In History lessons, Year 9 have been focusing on what life was like in Africa before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the hugely successful empires that have since been forgotten. This has been an important addition to the curriculum to reflect parts of Black History that are largely unknown.

Alongside this, the Diversity Committee have created and shared informative powerpoints with all tutor groups looking at significant individuals from Black History, this week looking at Mary Seacole.

Culturally diverse dishes from Africa and the Caribbean have been offered in the canteen each Wednesday, with Jerk Chicken being very popular this week. Thank you for the canteen staff for making this possible!

Finally, we have launched our Black History Month 2020 Art competition where students have been asked to create a piece that celebrates this month and takes inspiration from a variety of Black Artists shared with them during tutor time. The deadline is Friday 16th October. All winning pieces will be displayed around the school. Please get involved!