This week has been Anti-Bullying week here at Hylands and across the country. The AntiBullying Alliance who oversee the week have chosen the theme of Uniting against bullying, a theme that is quite apt for the current climate we find ourselves in.

During the week we have chosen to look at how the students can unite against bullying and support each other in school and the community. The students have each been given a blank piece of the puzzle, on this they have written a pledge stating what they will be doing to help prevent bullying but also to support anyone affected by it. These individual pieces of the puzzle will all be brought together to form a pledge wall to show the school untied on its stance to bullying.

Along with the pledge wall, students have taken part in tutor activities and virtual assemblies to help understand and further their knowledge on what bullying is and how to prevent it occurring. Over the next week, there will be an updated section on our website with more information regarding the work we are doing to prevent bullying, as well as a new anonymous reporting form that students can use if they have any concerns about a friend or if they are a target to bullying.

Thank you to all the students and staff for their continuing support.