Anti Bullying Week

Anti Bullying Week this year is all about uniting against bullying, as normal we have a wide range of activities and events going on to support the week

This is a brief outline of what is going on during the week:

  • Odd Socks Day (Monday 16.11.20) – To help promote and develop the diversity in the school we will again be running odd socks day. There will be prizes for the best socks in each year group and a prize for the best member of staff.
  • Staff Quiz – On Friday 20th November, it will be a nice mix of interactive and fun rounds but will still be challenging mentally
  • Anti Bullying Ambassadors – This week will be promoted by the Ambassadors in Tutor time & lunchtimes in their respective bubbles.
  • Anti Bullying assemblies – Mr Hepworth & Head of Years will be holding the assemblies, they may be virtual due to the mocks but will let you all know. During the assemblies, we will be introducing the campaign and letting the students know what is happening around the school and community. These will be held at the normal assembly times.
  • Tutor Work – We will be sending out work for students to complete during tutor time.
  • Website Update – We will be updating our website as the week goes on with resources and information about the Diana Award scheme and our new online anonymous reporting form, this will all be launched during the assemblies.
  • Student Questionnaires – Students will be taking part in questionnaires to help us build a better and more supportive network to help counter any bullying.