Hylands School is an academy as part of The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT).

TKAT is a multi-academy trust which was established on 1st September 2011.  Its constitution is set out in the Articles of Association and this is shared with individual academies via the Scheme of Delegation.  TKAT have, through the Scheme of Delegation, established Local Governing Bodies for each of the Academies.

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The Local Governing Body of each of the Academies is responsible for fulfilling the strategic and operational governance role in the conduct of the Academy.

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Mission Statement

The Local Governing Body is committed to realising the vision that Hylands School will become an outstanding provider of education.

Through a proactive process of support and challenge we will strive to ensure that:

  • We provide the highest quality education for each child.

  • Unlock every student's talent and ability to recognise the uniqueness of every child.

  • Focus on creating the best opportunities for effective learning for all.

  • To inspire and challenge each student to achieve their goals throughout their life.


We currently have 12 governors:

  • 1 Headteacher

  • 2 staff governors

  • 3 parent governors

  • 6 appointed governors

Chair of Governors:                Mrs S Jacobs, a LGB Appointed Governor

Vice-Chair of Governors:       Mr J Pearson, a LGB Appointed Governor

Please see the sections on the left for details or our current and recent LGB members.  If you wish to contact governors, please do so via the school contact details.


There are four meetings of the full Local Governing Body each academic year.  In addition to this, there is a committee which has delegated responsibility laid out in the terms of reference.

Business Management Committee

To assist the decision making of the Governing Body by enabling more detailed consideration to be given to the best means to ensure sound management of the academy’s personnel, finances, resources and assets including proper planning, monitoring and probity.

Current LGB Members        
Name & Term Type Responsibility Attendance % Declaration of Interest
Ms Sarah Jacobs (Current Term 04.09.2017 - TBC)   Acting Chair of Governors NEW  
Mr David Newman (Current Term Ends 01.08.2019) LGB Appointed Business Manager/Finance 100%  
Mrs Yvonne Lawrence (Current Term 01.07.2014 - 30.06.2018) LGB Appointed   89% 31st August 2017
Governor - Chelmsford County High School
Manager for Learning Services - Chelmsford Museum
Potential Supplier - Maplin Electronics (Husband)
Mrs Janet Young (Current Term 01.07.2014 - 30.06.2018) LGB Appointed AHT/ Behaviour and Safety 78% 31st August 2017
Chair of Governors - Heybridge Primary School
Mrs Monica Milne (Current Term 31.08.2017 - 31.08.2021) LGB Appointed TBD NEW  
Mr Steve Lennon (Current Term 03.05.2017 - 03.05.2021) LGB Appointed Business Management Comitee NEW  
Mrs Jane Coleman (Current Term 04.07.2017 - 04.07.2021) Parent TBD NEW  
Mrs Clare Norton (Current Term 12.10.2016 - 12-10.2021) Parent AHT/Sen/LAC/PPG/Careers    
Mr Giles Thomas (Current Term Ends 31.10.2018) Co-Opted TBD NEW  
Mrs Elizabeth Turner (Current Term 02.02.2014- 01.02.2018) Staff- Teaching      
Mr Robert Hepworth (Current Term 01.01.2018-01.01.2022) Staff - Associate Staff   NEW  
Mr Andrew Parry (Current Term 01.11.2017 - 01.11.2021) Staff - Headteacher   NEW  
Mr Christian Cavanagh Executive Headteacher   NEW  
Previous LGB Members        
Name & Term Type Responsibility Attendance % Declaration of Interest
Mrs Sarah Martin (Term 12.10.2016 - 04.09.2017) LGB Appointed Ex-Chair of Governors    
Mr David Ives (Term Ended (31.08.2017) LGB Appointed Ex-Chair of Governors    
Mr Chris Rosier (Term Ended 31.08.2017) LGB Appointed Ex Vice-Chair of Governors    
Mr Thomas Thorpe Ex-officio (Term Ended 31.10.2017) Staff - Head Teacher      
Mr John Pearson (Term Ended 22.02.2018) LGB Appointmed

Ex Vice-Chair of Governors


Mrs Jasmine Montague (Term ended - ) Parent AHT/Safegaurding