School Clubs Timetable

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  Lunchtime After School
Monday Badminton Sports Hall - All Years

Advanced Vocals in Room 104  3PM-4PM (Auditioned)  

Netball 3PM-4:15PM All Years

Rugby 3PM-4:15PM  Years 7 & 8

Boys Basketball 3PM-4:15PM  Years 9-11

Running Club 3PM-4:15PM Year 7-13

Farm Club All Years


Dance in Room 107 GCSE and invited Year 8 and 9s

Keyboard Club in Room 103 All Years

Guitar Ensemble in Room 104 All Years

Netball Sports Hall All Years

Wing Chun Kung Fu 2:20PM - 3:20PM 

Film Club 2:10PM - 4:10PM in the Drama Studio All Years

Ukulele Group 2:10PM-4:10PM in Room 103 All Years

Indoor Football Sports Hall Year 7


In Harmony Pop Choir in Room 103 All Years

Flute Ensemble Room 104 All Years

Book Club 3-4PM in the LRC All Years

Warhammer Club 3-4PM In LRC All Years

Hylands Concert Band 3PM-4PM

Trampolining 3PM-4:15PM Years 7-11

Table Tennis 3PM-4:15PM   Years 7-13

Boys Basketball 3PM-4:15PM  Year 7

Farm Club All Years


Reading Club in Room 253 All Years

Dance Performance in Room 107 All Years

Farm Club All Years

Product Design (Week 1) 3PM-4PM in Room 24 All Years

Dance Performance 3PM-4PM in Room 107 All Years

Drama Club 3PM-4PM Drama Studio All Years

Studio Band 3PM-4PM Room 10

Cooking Club (Week 1) 3PM-4PM Room 57 All Years

Football 3PM-4:15PM Years 7-10

Fitness 3PM-4:15PM All Years

Basketball 3PM-4:15PM Year 8

Homework Club All Years


Band Rehearsal Time Music Department 3PM-4PM

School Run All Years