Often asked questions

What If ...

A pupil is late for


The pupil should report to Main reception to be signed in. He/she should then go straight to lessons. Regular lateness to school will be investigated and appropriate steps taken. We consider that it is essential to learn to be punctual.

A contract coach is late or fails to arrive?


In the rare event of this happening we urge you to ensure that your child uses an alternative form of transport to arrive at the school as soon as possible.

A pupil forgets something important?


Your son or daughter should go to reception where calls home can be made requesting you to bring it to reception where he/she can collect it. Alternatively you can bring the item into school and leave it at reception where every effort will be made to alert your child to collect it.

There is an emergency at home?


You are advised to telephone the school office and explain the problem to the receptionist who will then contact the Pastoral Support Manager. In the event of your child having to return home he/she will be located and sent home, or can be collected.

A pupil is absent from school?


You should telephone the school on the first day of absence and leave a message with the receptionist for the tutor. A note stating the reason for absence should be brought in when your child returns to school. For long term absences we would expect to be kept informed of your child’s progress. In some circumstances pupils are unable to come to school because of a medical problem but are fit enough to keep up with their school work. In these cases arrangements can be made to provide work by telephoning the Pastoral Support Management Team.

A pupil is ill at school?


Your son or daughter will be sent by a teacher to the Medical Room to be looked after by first aiders. If it is thought a child is too ill to remain in school you will be contacted and asked to arrange for him or her to come home.

A pupil has to wear a plaster cast, or has some other injury which affects their physical movement?


The Pastoral Support Managers should be contacted before your child returns to school. Every effort will be made to ease his/her progress in school. By leaving lessons a few minutes early and by staying in school at break and lunchtimes the pupil is able to avoid busy lesson changeovers and still benefit from being in lessons.

A pupil loses something?


The loss should be reported to the subject teacher (if appropriate), the Tutor or a Pastoral Support Manager. Lost property is kept at reception or in the PE Department, in case of PE kit. All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly named. Pupils are always encouraged to retrace their steps during the day in order to search for their lost item.

A pupil has to leave during a lesson?


Your child should bring a note from home stating the reason for the absence. He/she should then sign out at reception and sign back in when he/she returns.

A pupil wishes to cycle to school?


The cycle should be roadworthy and fitted with a padlock and chain. Your son or daughter should also wear a cycle helmet. Cycles are kept in the cycle shed at the school at their owner’s risk.

A pupil is reluctant to come to school?


If you have any problems about your child’s willingness to come to school you should consult the Pastoral Support Manager / Tutor immediately.

A pupil says they are being bullied at school?


You should contact the Pastoral Support Management Team/ Key Stage Co-ordinators. Steps will be taken to support your son/daughter and deal with the problem.