In the Music Department we aim to provide the opportunity for all students to investigate the musical world around them. We set out to enrich the lives of our students by developing their appreciation of the language of Music and by allowing them to express themselves, creatively through musical composition and performance.

Key Stage 3

The KS3 course provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through the integration of performing, composing and listening.

In Year 7, students study how music can be broken down into individual elements. They perform in groups and individually, learning how to listen and react to the sounds around them.

In Year 8, students further develop their instrumental skills through a number of workshops, using both the keyboards and guitars.

Key Stage 4

Students opting to take GCSE Music course will follow the Edexcel Syllabus. During this course students develop their understanding of Music through the investigation of four main areas of study:

  • Area of Study One: Western Classical Music 1600-1899

  • Area of Study Two: Music in the 20th Century

  • Area of Study Three: Popular Music in Context

  • Area of Study Four: World Music

They will compose two original pieces of music, using Music Technology to help. They will also submit two recorded performances.

Key Stage 4 Text Books used:

CPG Edexcel Core Content (Music) - ISBN 9781847623669

CPG Edexcel Areas of Study (Music) - ISBN 9781847623720

Key Stage 5

In Years 12 and 13 we offer the Edexcel GCE Music Technology course. This course encourages students, including those who do not play a traditional instrument, to explore their musicality and to create original material using technology.

This intensive course offers students the chance to develop skills in the following areas:

  • Research

  • Planning

  • Analytical and critical thinking

  • Composition skills

  • Performance

The GCE in Music is a widely respected course, providing students with the valuable skills and experience needed for further education and employment.

Special Features

  • We run a diverse range of extra curricular music groups, including: Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Big Band, Keyboard Club, String Group, Blues Band, Senior Jazz.

  • We host a number of concerts throughout the year, including: Rock Stars, Christmas Concert, The Summer Festival, The Soul Lounge and regular Chamber Concerts.

  • Our students' have entered for local and national music competitions, including 'Britain's Got Talent'.

  • We have a full compliment of peripatetic teachers, offering individual tuition on a wide selection of instruments.

  • We ensure provision for Gifted and Talented students at all levels by holding performing and composing opportunities throughout the year.

  • The Music Department joins forces with the Drama Department each year to produce annual School Musicals and other productions.

  • We also run regular Music trips, including an annual Choir and Band trip to continental Europe each year.