Exam Results 2017

Key Stage 4 Results Hylands Results
Progress 8 -0.37
Attainment 8 41.22
percentage of pupils who achieved a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and maths 24%
percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) 14%
Destination students that continue in education, training or move to employment at the end of 16 - 19 study 97%
Key stage 5 (16 to 18) information  
Progress in English 0.20
Progress in Maths 0.33
Progress in A Levels (compared to across England) -0.38
Progress in Academic qualification (compared to across England) -0.37
Progress in Applied General qualification (compared to across England) -0.46
Completion and Attainment in Tech Levels qualification  1.68
Average Grade for A Levels D+
Average Grade for Academic qualifications D+
Average Grade for Applied General qualifications Dist-
Average Grade for Tech Levels qualifications Dist *-
A Level 97%
Academic 97%
Applied General  100%
Tech Level 100%
Destination ( 2017)  
university, work, employment, apprenticeship 82%
university, work, employment, apprenticeship deferred placement 90%