Year 11 GCSE Results 2017

Thursday 24th August 2017

Year 11 Results

We would like to congratulate all our Year 11 students on their well-deserved results. Students have worked very hard and have had the unrelenting support of staff and parents in partnership. It has been wonderful to see the progress these young people have made. Many students have achieved outstanding results. Amongst our top achievers we have the following students who all achieved top grades across all their subjects:

Ceri Archer

Collette Barber

Eloise Berry

Fanny Chintu

Harry Craig

Abigail Goodman

Doug Hill

Sam Hoban

Daniel Khalegi

Jessica Marks

Jessica Metson

Andreea Orhein

Ella Petheram

Darcie Ratcliff

Katy Read

Chloe Rushbrook

Katharine Rushbrook

Zara Spencer

Olivia Stobbie

Bethany Walker

Jonathon Whybrow

In addition, the following students have made outstanding progress from their starting points:

Maisie Anderson

Harrison Bracci

Sandra Elemide

Emily May Elnaugh

Lucy Field

Laura Frost

Anna Kaldewey

Kodie Leigh Lamey

Benjamin McGaughey

Owen Molloy

Sarah Payne

Laura Perry

Katelyn Peters

Isabelle Pitt

Lauren Prosser

Chloe Williams

The headteachers locally have agreed to share the successes of students rather than statistics as the new GCSEs have no clear ‘headline’ measure. We do not wish to confuse parents when there are two systems of grading in operation and the key measures are unclear. The DFE will produce comparative statistics for us this year.

We send all our students our very best wishes for the future.