Table Top Sale

Table Top Sale - 5th May 2018 1PM-4PM
Mrs Henriques would like to make the year 11 prom an evening that your sons/daughters will never forget! She would like to hire a photo booth to capture beautiful memories, a candy cart to add colour and joy to the event, an ice-cream bike as a perfect addition to dessert. However, all these lovely additions cost money.

Hylands School will be hosting table top sale and for those of you thinking "how can I help", there are so many ways. You can contribute to the event by:

  •  selling refreshments and snacks
  • booking a table to sell all your unwanted items (at the same time - -- making some extra money for yourself)
  •  attending the event to support our year 11 students
  •  donating a cake for our refreshment stall
  •  donate items that can be sold by year 11 students at their very own table.

We looking forward to seeing you all there! Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Henriques should you have any questions.